Be An Artist

We invite you to participate in the I Madonnari Italian Street Painting Festival at Santa Barbara's Old Mission on the Memorial Day weekend in May.

A limited number of street painting squares are available for artists. The Festival will provide the chalk and a list of street painting tools and tips for participating artists.

If you can find a business, individual, or organization who would like to sponsor a square, you can be their street painter. An alternative is to sponsor a square yourself or with your friends. 

The festival is taking applications from professional and practicing adult artists who would like to participate as a street painter in the festival. We will review your application and if you are selected we will contact you by mid-May.

Sponsor a Young Artist

Young people of all ages can participate as street painters in the festival. A family can sponsor a square of any size, and the street painting can be completed by one child or as a family project. A business can sponsor a square for its employees and their children to create a group project. Schools, religious groups, and nonprofit community organizations often sponsor squares for their students or youth programs. When a family, organization, or business sponsors a square, the festival will inscribe the sponsor's name at the top of the square to acknowledge their support.

History of featured artists

2018   Lysa Ashley

2017   Meredith Morin

2016   Cecelia Linayao — 30th year festival anniversary

2015   Blair Looker

2014   Jessea Gay Marie

2013   Cheryl & Wayne Renshaw

2012   Delphine Louie Anaya

2011   Tom Meaney

2010   Rod Tryon

2009   Jennifer LeMay, assisted by Jessie Altstatt

2008   Laura Wilkinson & Blair Looker, assisted by daughters:  Sarah Gill & Rebecca Rindenour

2007   Lisa Jones

2006   Melanie Stimmell

2005   Tracy Lee Stum

2004   Genna Panzarella

2003   Jane Portaluppi Durand

2002   Jay Schwartz

2001   Ann Hefferman, assisted by:  Dee Carter Brown

2000   Julie Kirk

1999   Jay Mercado, assisted by:  Peitro Palladini & Teresa Marchese

1998   John Iwerks

1997   Jay Mercado, assisted by:  Leesa Whitten, Erin Tajime Castean & Katherine Meredith

1996   ­Jay Fisher & Stuart Brandt

1995   Elise McConnell

1994   Phil Roberts & Mark Wagner

1993   ­Jay Fisher & Stuart Brandt

1992   Rod Tryon

1991   Tim Steele, Pat Pouler, Tom Meaney, & Lori Kari

1990   Jay Fisher & Stuart Brandt

1989   Chris Davis

1988   ­­Kurt Wenner & Manfred Stader

1987   Kurt Wenner & Manfred Stader


Jesse Alexander    

Nell Campbell        

MacDuff Everton    

Greg Voight

Michael Brown    

Larry Mills        

Amy Lundstrom — Vita Bella